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Sell of products 20 to 30 percent above MRP
Posted by :Shail Level :city (Vindhyachal, Uttar Pradesh ) Type :common Issue Category :Consumer affairs

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I wanted to buy a water bottle of two litres with MRP Rs 30.00 on that, the seller(shop in front of Chandra jyoti bhawan ) asked me to pay Rs 40.00 for the same . When I asked him to given bill , he refused and said ' Lena hai to leejiye nai jaiye, ham isse  kam me nai dete' . Then I called police station and complained about it, but police said ye itne me hi bechte h... Aap kisi or shop se le lo. I asked them , whom to complain ?

I was told to complaints are made at DM office.So I called up DM office and complaint the problem faced by tourists.

I did get assurance but no action has been taken.




Sell of products above MRP at Vindhyachal



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